Blue Dream

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THC : 24%

CBD:  2%


CURES…ADD/ADHD,Anxiety,Arthritis,Bipolar Disorder,Cramps,Depression,Fibromyalgia,Headaches Inflammation,Migraines,Multiple Sclerosis,Muscle Spasms,Muscular Dystrophy,Nausea



firstly ,buy blue dream weed online Blue Dream is the world’s most popular legal cannabis strain. Blue Dream. It’s high-yielding, fairly fast to grow, and has a wealth of medical benefits. This well-balanced Hybrid has two dominant phenotypes, giving certain varieties a more cerebral or body-heavy effect.

Lab Tested Results:

THC: 24%

CBD: 2%

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secondly ,This herb is the most popular strain of cannabis around. A top-seller in the West, this slightly Sativa-dominant hybrid comes from California. Let’s be honest; it’s difficult to find a hybrid as perfect as this strain.

This strain is strong, with a THC content that ranges from 17 to 24%. Also, While potent, it’s well-balanced, providing a nice cerebral high with just the right amount of Indica body relaxation.

Marijuana fans can enjoy this strain in a number of different ways, including;

Blue Dream Oil Pens are available from brands such as Kurvana, AbsoluteXtracts, and Canmedi

Also, Blue Dream shatter, Blue Dream budder and other Blue Dream concentrates are also available from a number of retailers

As far as genetics go, this strain is a happy cross between Blueberry and Haze. Such an esteemed lineage gives this strain a sweet yet slightly sour aroma. The sweet aroma of berries will remind marijuana enthusiasts of this flower’s parent plant and is almost reminiscent of blueberry pie with its subtle hints of vanilla.

Furthermore, Flavor-wise, cannabis consumers can expect the same sugary taste of blueberry to will linger on the palette. Furthermore, This strain can cause some heavy coughing in relative newbies, but experienced marijuana fans will enjoy the combo of flavors and aromas to no end.

Marijuana connoisseurs are sure to notice that, despite its Blueberry lineage, very few plants show blue or purple hues. Also of note are the clear colored trichomes, meaning nugs won’t sparkle like some others. Cannabis consumers shouldn’t be alarmed, however, this strain is seriously sticky and tough to break up.

Medical Benefits of Blue Dream – Recreational marijuana dispensary near me – buy medical marijuana online

in addition, You don’t become the world’s most beloved strain by only appealing to recreational consumers. Blue Dream is adored by many medical marijuana consumers thanks to its bevy of therapeutic benefits.

Patients with various ailments can find comfort with this strain. Those in need of daytime pain relief or who need relief from depression, stress, or anxiety tend to enjoy the relaxed, calm sensation this strain produces

Medical marijuana patients will also love this strain for the relief it offers from arthritis

In addition, this strain’s therapeutic properties also make it suitable for those with PTSD and Bipolar Disorder. lastly

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14g(1/2oz), 28g(1oz), 112g(QP), 224g(Hp), 448g(Lb)

11 reviews for Blue Dream

  1. Patsy Greer

    Smoked almost a whole ounce of this strain yesterday with some buddies of mine, had an amazing time. It was crazy how high I was, but still aware of my high and my feelings. I was focused and very able to just communicate with people. Overall amazing strain and would definitely smoke again.

  2. Sheldon Griffith

    The Haze on the other hand is what takes you into this dream with a sharp cerebral high only haze could provide. This Strain is a must try!

  3. Wallace Jacobs

    I no longer cared about all those idiots on the news, people fighting over everything, most of all I felt a very smooth ease of ALL stress and anxiety, and suddenly the chronic pain I have to deal with because of the incompetence of a surgeon, was managed successfully!!! Best medicine out there!

  4. Chester Santiago

    This is a strain for lifting one’s spirits and elevating one’s mood into a more happy and light hearted stance. Great for after work or when you want to laugh with friends roll a joint of this and pass it around! wil never stop appreciating

  5. Judith Neal

    The reason I’m giving this only 4 stars instead of 5 is because this has a very high THC content and can be very strong, catching you by surprise at times. I’ve gotten paranoid a few times and in higher doses you can really feel the Haze which isn’t always conducive to focusing and getting lots of work done. Follow me on IG @weedtalkmtl for more cannabis culture and content the dispensary is cool love them

  6. Victoria Adkins

    I love analyzing highs and this was by far my favorite to enjoy and contemplate. This is the most flawless 50/50 hybrid imaginable. You are able to control the high whatever way you like. Helped my anxiety, my depression and my headaches. Best of both indica and sativa. Strongly recommend to anyone 🙂

  7. Annie Williamson

    Very mellow, i was very relaxed and happy. I was going to give it a 4 star but it gave me a more intense warm vibration feeling then my usual vibration feeling, so I was very generous and gave it a 5. I would recommend it my money wasn’t a waste

  8. Marcus Mills

    What can I say about this fantastic strain? Blue Dream is the difinitive strain of everything I would look for. This is uplifting in every way. I am always exuberant throughout smoking a joint with the infamous blue dream. This also can lull me into a nice and perfect slumber. I do recommend everyone to try this even thouh i was screed about the dispensary just prove me wrong i recommend

  9. Clifton Thomas

    Bd made me feel like I was a whole person. Which is a nice way to feel. The whole point of weed is so you can be yourself and deal with the Nazi’s later. ns

  10. Olive Bryan

    This is the only strain I feel safe vaping before I work. Calmly eases my anxiety and depression without taking any of the sharpness from my mind or distracting me. Makes me feel poised, ready, and confident to take on my day. bust delivery was soft love your store

  11. Christie Hamilton

    this weed made me get into an argument with my stuffed animal so yeah I’d recomend it for the rich thouh

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