sky-walker OG


15% to 23% THC


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Buy sky-walker online discretely 24/7. Let me guess, you love Star Wars. Well, we do too, and are die hard fans of Mark Hammil and Luke Skywalker. Buy sky-walker OG

And if you love Star Wars, you’re gonna love the Skywalker strain. A rare, evenly balance hybrid, this strain is well love in the market, and not only because it is name after the chosen one.

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Instead, Skywalker earned it’s fame all over the world for it’s delicious, fruity aroma and mellow, indica style effects, which not only make it a popular pick in the recreational cannabis community, but also in the medicinal community. Buy sky-walker OG

Nonetheless, as one of the world’s few evenly balance hybrids, Skywalker contains equal amounts of sativa and indica content. This combine with around 15% to 23% .THC content makes the strain one of the most potent and powerful ones we know.

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Despite being a balance hybrid, Skywalker is famous for its mild, but incredibly potent indica style high.

The effects begin rather quickly, with a powerful sense of euphoria, which not only leaves the user feeling happy and uplifted, but also takes care of any and all anxious or depressing thoughts.

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These cerebral effects continues, and are follows by a body high which is comparatively mild, but still powerful enough to make you start feeling extremely relax, and lazy. As a result, the strain is best  for nighttime use, and  better keep a bunch of snacks nearby too.

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But the most beautiful thing about Skywalker is that it positively glistens when light is…on it. This is due to the fine layer of trichome crystals it has on it’s leaves, which also provide the strain with it’s high THC qualities and potency.

Skywalker is revered for many reasons, but the most important one is its taste and aroma.


14g(1/2oz), 28g(1oz), 112g(QP), 224g(Hp), 448g(Lb)


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