Banana Kush

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50% Indica \50% sativa


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Marijuana Banana Kush strain is a hybrid that is more an Indica-dominant with a delicious taste of sweet bananas. You’ll finally get the relaxation you needed and an amazing feeling of euphoria. Therefore, this is the perfect choice for people dealing with anxiety, depression, or stress. This type of weed will also help those struggling with a lack of creativity and ability to socialize. Become the best version of yourself with our one-of-a-kind marijuana strains! Order Banana Kush

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The products we sell are 100% organic and made only from pure, natural components without any harmful chemicals and preservatives. This way, you’ll be able to get the maximum effectiveness of the herb, whether for recreational or medical purposes.

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Should you require any additional information about your order details or our shipping options, you’re welcome to contact our customer support team at any time convenient for you.

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14g(1/2oz), 28g(1oz), 112g(QP), 224g(Hp), 448g(Lb)

11 reviews for Banana Kush

  1. mathin ja

    LMK when always you gat promo dude. fuck this shit is fucking good. shoot out to the management theme here IS GREAT and i will recommend more stunners around NY

  2. Yvette Mcdonald

    Great strain, great genetics! During the six years that I lived in San Francisco, this strain was very popular and found just about everywhere for a while. I definitely had my period when this was the only strain that I was achieving (vaporizing mostly). I just remember it being a HIGH energy buzz, with great clarity, and creativity.

  3. Ralph Baldwin

    Smells like a loaf banana bread. Bright green nugs with a euphoric and calming high. 8/10

  4. Ralph Baldwin

    this strain is possibly the top ten best strains in the world. when a master grower makes an attempt, THC levels can surpass 30%. thick trichromes upon trichromes.. the effects are a beautifully made combination of relaxation and euphoria. great pain medicine. for and old school good to go friends i wil be back

  5. James L. Arnold

    Another favorite strain for energy and anxiety. I enjoy it via

  6. Ralph Baldwin

    The most beneficial medical effect for me personally was that this was a great strain to make me socialize with others. As someone who suffers from social anxiety, this was a great medicine to have before a graduation party. I’d recommend this to just about any patient of any age sure to get some soonest buy dont forget my discount

  7. Jerome Sullivan

    I really love this and appreciate for the discrete and quick delivery with 24/7 as promise. No more unscrupulous vender out there. I’m ganna stick with this site for life. I will recommend all stunners to joint me here.

  8. Amber Mcdaniel

    it’s pretty aggravating when I see some nug I really want, and not get what I payed for… I’ve been ordering from here for the last 9 months, and you guys have been pretty good till now. thanks

  9. Kellie Lawrence

    I just love this strain, creativity and
    energy gat me the whole day after taking this shit. (VERIFIED OWNER)

  10. james stward

    banana just by the name is a kind of fuck me down so good for relaxation an on night duty .ok i jut to to give in my best coming for more buy month end thanks

  11. Cary Woods

    I have been trying different blends. I find that to high of a sativa I get anxiety and paranoia, and over think every single thing. But if I do to high of an indica I then I am wiped out and tired. I Found this strain to be an awesome balance! It totally relaxing me, it makes my creative juices flow hugely, and it makes it easy for me to talk about things very calmly. It is so freaking awesome! Its very balanced. I would highly recommend it for people who are struggling with anxiety issues and social anxiety. I am trying to not be on pharma stuff. thanks for delivery i do appriciate

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