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Buy Black Domina online 24/7 delivery. As one of the darkest indicas ever, Black Domina Feminize is attracting aficionados in increasing numbers. This is a strongly sedative, almost pure indica with compact growth and a short flowering time. Order Black Domina strain

Sensi Seeds used four premium quality indica strains to create Black Domina. The result is an almost pure indica strain that packs more of a punch than the sum oOrder Black Domina strainf its parts.  

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We start with Northern Lights, one of our best-known strains thanks to its resin production. Then we add Ortega, which concentrates on the analgesic and soporific properties. The short flowering time and rich harvests come from the hash plant. Finally, we add an Afghanica known as “SA” to the mix. This gives Black Domina its strong growth and stable flower clusters.

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This four-way hybrid strain produces vigorous female plants with a degree of phenotype variation. In any case, growers can expect small height gain, intensive resin production, short flowering time (around 50 days) and fat buds.

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Also, Consumers love this cannabis strain for its effect. It can be as strong as a narcotic. Before heading off to dreamland, every fibre of the body seems to relax. This weed is not recommended for daytime consumption, with one exception of course: “Netflix and chill”. Order Black Domina strain

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The savoury flavours of Black Domina combine subtle tones of blackberry and pepper with a black hashish finish. Both the smell and taste contain this distinctive blend of aromas. They overlay an earthy Afghani undertone that experience consumers will recognise immediately.


14g(1/2oz), 28g(1oz), 112g(QP), 224g(Hp), 448g(Lb)


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